Fun at Work – Lessons from Maggie

Lessons from Maggie

Fun is a big part of my day. As you might imagine, I take my fun breaks seriously. I work pretty hard at them, too. And I make sure that our whole office (i.e., me and Pam and Sid) take fun breaks throughout the day.

They’re a great way to re-energize, to re-focus, and to get some exercise. We don’t always break for long–sometimes only 5 minutes. But whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, a change of scenery and some physical activity is a great way to keep me sharp and interested in my primary outside job: Announcing All Visitors (Or, anyone who comes within 500 feet of us).

This is me after I’d tossed and chased and chewed on Moose-Dog for about 4 minutes. As you can see, I am tired, but happy.

After a short rest, I was back on on the job, patrolling the perimeter of our office complex (well, Pam and Sid call it the front yard. I prefer to think of it as our office complex).

That’s right, all you (Trucks/Kids on Bikes/Walking Dogs)–I’m on the job!

My job is fun. It’s a good mix of job tasks and play. I look forward to every day.

Do your employees feel the same way about their work?

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