Professionals and Mid-Level ManagersProfessionals and Mid-Level Managers

People don’t always fail just because they can’t do their assigned job tasks. Often, they perform poorly because they don’t fit the job role in the first place.

Our state-of-the-art expert system administers, scores and evaluates the results of an assessment battery and writes personality assessment reports much like an organizational psychologist would – at a fraction of the cost.

Let us help you hire those most likely to succeed in your organization.

ASSESSHow does ASSESS fit into a hiring process?

There are two factors to consider for hiring success: Innate Traits and Learned Traits. We tend to rely on only one factor, Learned, which is a candidate’s education, knowledge, skills, and experience. However, relying on just this one factor gives you only a partial picture of the candidate.

Personality testing predicts aspects of job performance that may not be strongly related to knowledge, skills, or abilities. It looks at what a person WILL do rather than what they CAN do.

The ASSESS test battery measures intellectual abilities and work-related personality characteristics. ASSESS reports evaluate test results to give the employer an integrated and comprehensive evaluation of the innate characteristics of the candidate.

For what types of positions should we consider using ASSESS for hiring?

ASSESS is for professional, sales, and mid-to-upper management level positions. Job titles include:

ASSESS measures these dimensions:

Standard Reports (modeled after traditional assessment)

Competency Based Reports

What’s the difference between Standard Reports and Competency Based Reports for Selection?

The Standard Reports offer comprehensive information in the areas of intellectual ability, thinking style, work approach, motivations and interpersonal style. The graphic profile shows how your candidate “stands out” from other managers and professionals.

Based on the applicant’s results, the report offers probes for both the employment interview and when doing reference checks. In addition, there are management insights that will help in effectively managing the candidate should he/she be hired.

The Competency Based Reports offer further insight into how an individual’s personality may help or hinder the display of important organization specific competencies. Like the Standard Report, the information still links to intellectual ability, thinking style, work approach, motivations and interpersonal style. It also has interview probes and management suggestions. Using a competency-based assessment also allows for professional development using a 360-feedback process that aligns with your organization’s success plan.

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