The role of a manager is complicated. It’s much more than a pay raise and a new title. Suddenly (or so it seems), you’re responsible for other people’s performance. That’s on top of being a researcher, a report writer, a budget expert, and a visionary (you are thinking about what’s best for the entire organization-not just your team-aren’t you?).

Your ability to encourage, persuade, teach, and correct is now on Front Street. Never mind that you were the best at what you used to do (after all, that’s why you got promoted, right?). It’s a whole new ballgame in management. And on top of learning or perfecting the administrative skills that will keep you in management, you must also be right on with the people skills that will make you an effective manager.

The Key to Retention

Research shows employee retention is directly linked to an employee’s relationship with his or her immediate supervisor. In essence, employees who leave do so because of their bosses, not because of company policies.

So as you evaluate your organization, rather than look for the newest benefit packages or hottest perks for employees, you may want to start with a look at your management team. From first line supervisor to CEO, managers play a key role in keeping your employees happy and loyal.

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