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Supervision & Management

“Finally! A supervisory training program that makes sense. These skill-builders cover real-life challenges and gives step-by-step solutions that really work!

— Pam Wyess, former police lieutenant

Our supervisory courses help establish the foundation communication and management skills required to direct individual performance and get the most from each member of your team.

Supervision and management training servicesResearch suggests that people leave managers, not companies. Armed with this knowledge, the most successful organizations are equipping their team leaders, managers, and supervisors with the interpersonal skills they need to be most effective.

Let us help your supervisors develop their skills!

We offer a variety of supervisory training programs. Our most popular program is our Fast Track Leadership(r) Series. This flexible approach to supervisory development offers a series of half-day modules that are focused on:

  • Improving interpersonal communication
  • Developing influence and persuasion skills
  • Improving team member performance
  • Overcoming obstacles to performance
  • Problem solving and decision making

The format can be tailored to meet your specific needs for content and scheduling, including using a blended learning approach using online and classroom sessions. Contact us for more information–we’ll build a program that’s just right for YOU!

Browse through some of the supervisory modules we offer:

Essential Skills of Leadership

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Essential Skills of Communication

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Improving Work Habits

Improve work habits

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Managing Complaints

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Coaching Job Skills

Coaching job skills

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Resolving Conflicts

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Effective Discipline

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Developing Performance Goals

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Providing Performance Feedback

Providing performance feedback

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Supporting Change

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Communicating Up

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In addition to our Core Skills Leadership program, we also have these workshops that will benefit your supervisors:

Leading Successful Projects ( a 4-module, 2-day workshop)