Are your employees really cut out for sales?

Wondering how to build stronger sales teams?

Use SalesMax to determine your candidates’ probability of success and to make a more informed hiring decision.

SalesMax is a comprehensive online assessment tool for the selection and development of top performing salespeople for professional, consultative sales positions.

Our state-of-the-art system provides an in-depth assessment of an individual’s sales personality, sales knowledge and personal motivations. It can be used to assist in the selection of outside or internal candidates for professional sales positions or in the development of a current sales force.

It was designed and validated with top performers and built around a consultative sales approach. Web-based, it is easy to use in the field and can be customized to your organization.

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What SalesMax measures:

The SalesMax System provides immediate testing, evaluation and reporting at your site.

The Selection Report provides:

In addition, each report provides a detailed evaluation of:

Sales Personality:

Success begins with the basic disposition for sales. Personality traits are stable characteristics that are not easily changed through training. Sales professionals should possess the right personality from the start. SalesMax measures personality characteristics that contribute to someone’s effectiveness in the sales role:

Sales Knowledge:

SalesMax measures the individual’s knowledge of effective strategies for various sales situations. Experienced candidates should score well in most of these areas. For the inexperienced or poorly trained candidate, SalesMax helps you target training needs. The sales knowledge areas it evaluates are:

Sales Motivations:

The Motivations Section of SalesMax will help you gauge the fit between the individual’s motivational needs, your supervisory style, and the rewards available in your organization. SalesMax looks at these motivators:

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