Entry-level PositionsEntry-level Positions

How many times have you hired a candidate who looked good on paper or during the interview only to find that they fail in the job?

These are people who don’t interact well with others, who can’t handle pressure, who can’t focus to get the important tasks done, etc. These personality characteristics are hard to identify in an interview, but can be surfaced through testing.

A person may be well suited to work in a manufacturing environment, but would not be very successful in a retail setting. Likewise, someone who wants to work in hospitality may be better suited for an administrative position.

Find out whether your applicants are suited for the jobs they are applying for BEFORE they become your employees.

Getting the right people on board is only part of the equation. Getting the right people in the right positions completes the picture.

SELECT Associate Screening SystemHow should we test applicants?

Invest in the SELECT Associate Screening System, a family of tests designed to measure important, work-related, personality characteristics of applicants for entry-level jobs.

The system allows employers to quickly and easily screen for characteristics associated with productivity, cooperative work behaviors, and integrity.

With this flexible system, you can test one or a thousand. Our most popular format uses our web-based option, although you can also administer a paper-and pencil test as well. Your staff can do processing in-house, or you can contract with Workplace Results LLC to handle your testing process.

What does SELECT measure?

Each SELECT survey measures both those common dimensions predictive of performance in most associate-level jobs, as well as unique dimensions specific to the particular job for which it has been validated.

SELECT Dimensions Include:

In addition, there are job specific constructs such as:

Does SELECT measure anything else?

There are optional modules you can add to your test:

What kind of information will the SELECT results offer?

And, if you’ve chosen any of the optional modules, you’ll also get:

Math or other ability scores and advice (needs training)
Willingness to Do Job Tasks
Indications of Counter Productive Behaviors
Structured Interview Guide and Interview Probes

Can I see a sample report?

Absolutely! Contact us to learn more about the process and to see a sample report.