Generation X

A lot has been said about the new generation of worker. Generation X and its younger sibling, Generation Y, are entering the workforce and causing chaos in organizations around the country.

At least, that’s what popular literature would have us believe. In reality, the younger generations ARE entering the workforce, but the chaotic outcomes are often due to differences in perception, expectations, and approaches to work. Reactions to the styles of younger workers may really be just the traditional Veteran vs. Rookie employee issues, but our society has jumped on the bandwagon of this Generation X label as the root of many of our workplace problems.

Regardless of whether you’re on the wagon, running alongside or behind, or wondering where the wagon is, one thing is certain. There are challenges to blending the generations in the workplace. But the challenges don’t have to be overwhelming.

A little understanding, mixed with open minds and flexibility is the formula for blending the generations in the workplace. An organization that acknowledges the generation gap and works to close it is an organization that will appeal to a wider range of employees for longer periods of time.

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