Looking for ways to enhance productivity and retention?

Want to build leadership and accountability at all levels?

Need to identify skill gaps for your workers?

360-degree feedback is the answer!

Everyone needs feedback! To contribute to an organization’s success, people need to know where they’re strong and where they need to improve.

Research suggests that workers want to do a good job at work. But if they don’t know what their managers, co-workers, or customers need from them, how will they know what to continue doing and what needs to change? As today’s employees take charge of their careers, they’re looking for feedback that will help them be successful.

Including 360-degree feedback in your organizational development process can have a positive impact on:

20/20 Insight Gold is the best tool for all your feedback projects!

2020Since it was introduced in 1994, more than a million people have participated in 360 feedback projects using 20/20 ® Insight GOLD .

Using our state-of-the-art software, offering efficient, confidential, and anonymous feedback has never been easier. And its cost-effective method allows for feedback for anyone in your organization. The new generation of feedback is here-and it’s not just for executives anymore! 
With this system, you can collect virtually any type of feedback– ideas, thoughts, impressions, opinions, surveys-from any number of people about the performance of an individual, a team, or your entire organization:

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Individual 360
Customer Service 360
Organizational Climate 360

You can purchase 20/20 Insight Gold or contract with us to conduct your surveys.

For more information on this feedback system, watch this overview:

The POWER of FEEDBACK:  Watch our 3-minute movie!